Discover the new Toro that will take over the tables around the world

At Sangre de Toro, we are celebrating the unveiling of the new labels for our wines and they are ready to take over the international market.

We have kept the taste and unique essence of our wine the same as always, but now it sports a revamped and striking bull, which has been presented in our .

It has also taken over all of our web page and instagram profile, where you can see its innovative spin and rebellious character. It boasts a strong color palette, various key visuals and an iconographic universe especially designed for the digital world.

There is a new visual guide with Spanish DNA and it plays with spheres characteristic of our origin such as gastronomy, culture and football. All of this is focused to be the wine that best represents the Spanish essence.

Let's start this new era of Sangre de Toro toasting with our people as always, as never before.