A wine
with personality
Sangre de Toro was created with the aim of introducing into the market a wine offering excellent value for money and capable of expressing its overwhelming personality in glasses all over the world. Since then, we have become the ambassador of the Spanish Way of Wine.
The big
It was a year characterised by the addition of Gran Sangre de Toro to our family, although today you will recognise it by the name of Sangre de Toro Reserva, our most sophisticated and emblematic wine.
We have reached
every table
Sangre de Toro is a global brand and our wine is enjoyed in more than 100 countries because there is something about our way of life that everyone likes, such as meeting friends, chatting around the table until dinner time and making spontaneous plans with a glass of Sangre de Toro.
A range
of flavors

Over the years our brand has grown and so have our varieties: Classic White, Tempranillo, Low Alcohol, Special Selection…

Our wide range of colors and flavors represent our culture and convey our way of enjoying life to tables all around the world.

We are vegan
Since the 2018, most of our wines have the Vegan Products Certificate, given that we do not use animal products in the production processes.
Sangre de toro,
alma de la roja
We have taken an important step and become an Official Partner of the Spanish Football Team, with which we share color, origin and values.
Together we are promoting our lifestyle beyond our borders, our way of celebrating life and our passion for football and good wine.