Roast pork with polenta

Looking to update your culinary repertoire? Today’s your lucky day! This recipe is as simple as it is tasty. So tender it melts even before it reaches your mouth. Pair this succulent dish with a glass of Sangre de Toro Original and wait for the applause. Let’s go!


  • 1

    In a bowl, mix together salt, mixed herbs, olive oil and pepper. 

  • 2

    Brush the marinade mixture all over the pork loin.

  • 3

    Cook in the oven at 200ºC for 6 minutes on each side. 

  • 4

    In a saucepan, cook the polenta over a low heat.

  • 5

    Once ready, add salt, mixed herbs, butter and mix well. 

  • 6

    Slice the pork loin and serve with the polenta.

  • 7

    Enjoy all the succulent flavour with a glass of Sangre de Toro Original.


1 pork loin
125 g Polenta
1 Tablespoon butter
Mixed herbs
Olive oil