Our bull
is green at heart

Protecting the environment is everyone’s business, and at Sangre de Toro it is a reality that we bear in mind at every step we take.

And what less! Because it is precisely thanks to what the land produces that we can enjoy and share a toast with a good wine like ours.

For this very reason, we also...

We have orgánic wines

We have vegan friendly wines

We use solar energy and biomass

We have reduced 34% of direct and indirect CO2 emissions per bottle according to audited data from 2020 and verified by Lloyd’s register

We are members of International Wineries for Climate Action

We use recycled material for our bottles (75%), boxes (90%) and printed promotional material (100%). In addition, we have managed to reduce the weight of all our bottles to a minimum

So yes, we can say that apart from red,
green is also our colour.