Truffled Spanish omelette

Just thinking about this recipe gets our mouths watering! While the traditional Spanish omelette, with potatoes and onion, is already perfect as it is, combining it with black truffle and Sangre de Toro Original, turns it into something even more amazing. Try it and tell us what you think – if it hasn’t left you speechless, that is!


  • 1

    Peel the potatoes, then wash and slice them.

  • 2

    Cut the onion into julienne strips.

  • 3

    Heat plenty of extra virgin olive oil in a frying pan. Once hot, add the sliced potatoes and onion, making sure they’re well coated in the oil.

  • 4

    Add salt to taste and cook over a low heat for 20 minutes, until the potatoes are very soft. You can mash them a bit with a skimmer.

  • 5

    While the potatoes and onion are cooking, beat the eggs together with a pinch of salt in a deep bowl.

  • 6

    When the potatoes and onion are ready, drain the oil off well, then add them to the bowl with the eggs. Add some black truffle and mix everything together.

  • 7

    Next, heat a teaspoon of oil in a frying pan. When the pan is hot, pour in the egg mixture.

  • 8

    It’s almost time for the most important step! Once the egg has set, flip the omelette over by putting a plate over the frying pan and turning the omelette out onto it with a smooth but firm motion.

  • 9

    Slide the omelette off the plate back into the frying pan and now let it set on the other side.

  • 10

    Pair this classic Spanish dish with a bottle of Sangre de Toro and some good company. Cheers!


2 large potatoes
1 onion
3 eggs
Black truffle
Salt and extra virgin olive oil